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The Studio

The bijoux viewing space is located in Corby Hill on the A69 at Forge Cottage,

which as the name suggests, was once a Blacksmiths, many years ago.

'The bothy', a small outhouse set in the garden of the family home, 

now acts as a perfect little workshop.  

It is between here and home where Sara designs & creates all her own work. 

You will either find her meeting with clients, busily sewing away the hours, dreaming up new creations!

Viewings are strictly by appointment - 

We are not a shop but a designer's atelier, so you won't find us here all the time! 


Please call or email ahead to arrange a time.



Sara's Thoughts on Choosing a Hat   

"When the occasion calls for a hat you may be an avid hat wearer who knows just what they are looking for, or you may not often get the opportunity to wear a hat.  

Either way don't worry Sara is here to help!

Whatever you do, don't just choose a hat because it comes with the outfit ...

Let me tell you, when it comes to a hat, one size does not fit all!  

Take your time, try on an array of different shapes & styles, get an idea of what suits you.  

A well chosen, carefully considered hat should compliment you, not just coordinate with your outfit.

The right hat will pull everything together or take centre stage if that's what you wish. 

It should take into consideration your face shape & height, shouldn't shadow your face or overpower, but sit effortlessly as a welcome asset that adds elegance and flair.

Talk to your milliner about your ideas & thoughts.

Most importantly, have fun & enjoy the process!

Remember your hat is just as important as the dress.  It's not just the icing on the cake,

the finishing touch is always the cherry on top!

I look forward to hearing from you!"  

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